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Jump Into the Deep End – Pool Toy Half Mask

Our most abstract and bizarre piece to date, we’re pleased to launch our new Pool Toy Half Mask!  This mask was designed to mimic a vinyl inflatable pool toy, but it’s just a hollow latex shell.  It will come painted by default, with hidden air holes, and optional straps. Now you can transform yourself to […]

Giraffes Are Awesome!

We agree with Kaku; giraffes are awesome! Now you can be one too. So here’s our new Giraffe / Kirin Muzzle.  It can be painted in yellow/tan colours for a traditional giraffe look, which can come in handy for productions of Madagascar the musical. But, this muzzle could be painted in any other colour to […]

New Small Cartoon Muzzle – Revised Sad Brow & Satyr Nose

We’re pleased to announce a few new pieces! First up is our Small Cartoon Muzzle. This is a grinning generic cartoon animal muzzle.  It has wrinkles on the bridge of the muzzle, a big round nose and it comes with 3 different sets of teeth,  which means it can be useful for several different species […]