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UK-bound orders & VAT

On January 1st 2021, new requirements came into effect for us to ship any orders from us in Canada to the United Kingdom. The new rules are that shipments valued under 135 GBP require us to collect and remit VAT to the UK government. This is no small task, as a small business, being only […]

Five New Pieces

We’ve finished up work on five new pieces, well actually, we finished them in May, but with the whole “being forced to move” thing, we had no time to get these online sooner. So without further delay, check out our newest pieces! First is a refreshed Feline Brow, the old molds were worn out and […]


We’ve moved locations recently. Our previous landlords recently sold our rental home and workshop, forcing us to move. We acquiesced on a place nearby. The move took place over the month of June and took up the majority of our time. We’ve almost caught up on outstanding orders from June and we appreciate all of […]