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We are a pair of highly dedicated artists with over 10 years of experience, located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

We design, sculpt and create professional grade animal and creature masks and prosthetics of all kinds.  We also design and make costume parts and pieces using a variety of materials.  We cater to the costume and fx makeup needs of theatres, film and production industries, producers, directors, retail customers, LARPers, Cosplayers, Sci-Fi Fans, wholesale customers and more. With our wide selection of pre-made prosthetics and masks and ability to create anything your imagination can conjure, we'll work with you to achieve the design you want. All our work is 100% hand made in Canada to the highest quality standards we set for ourselves.

Expect the best, accept nothing less with NorthFur FX!

September 20th, 2013
An update! A few new things have been added to our cart over the past year, we're always adding and improving our prosthetic pieces. However we've had to remove out 8-Point Antlers and Gazelle Horns due to the molds being damaged beyond repair.  We're developping a better way to make horns which we hope to get up soon.

Halloween is coming up quickly, so place your orders early to avoid the rush!

We're also now on Facebook and Twitter!
We have a new Rhinoceros Muzzle, it's a huge piece!
Foam Latex Rhinoceros RHino Muzzle Prosthetic Mask
We've also been very busy producing prosthetic pieces for Shrek the Musical. Click the image below for pricing and informaiton about the pieces available for Shrek the Musical.
Foam Latex Shrek Musical Prosthetic Face Mask Hood Nose Ears
Lastly we have more custom spandex hood based masks we've made and added to our gallery, each is linked to a specific gallery.

Foam Latex Horse Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Horse Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Zebra Horse Prosthetic Mask
Foam Latex Cow Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Rhinoceros Rhino Prosthetic Mask

September 10th, 2012
Finally an update!  We've been lacking with updates on the main page of the site, but we have been updating the shopping cart throughout the past year with plenty of new pieces being added and others being updated.

Halloween is slowly creeping up, there's still plenty of time to order, so don't delay to ensure delivery on time for the big day!
Plenty of new pieces!
To start, earlier this year we made several new pieces for an independent film project.  "The Brick House" by Pocket Full Of All Stars is a modern adaptation on the old story of The Three Little Pigs, however it's much darker and edgier than you'd think.  New pieces we made for this film include a second pig nose, Pig Nose #2, a Medium Wolf/Coyote Muzzle and several ear tips in an all new category.

The trailer for The Brick House can be found here.

Foam Latex Medium Wolf Coyote Muzzle Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Pig Nose 2 Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Cat Ears Prosthetic
Foam Latex Goat Ears Prosthetic Foam Latex Horse Ears Prosthetic Foam Latex Rabbit Ears Prosthetic
Second, we made a new piece and made more replacement pieces.  One new piece is the Grinch Face.  Older pieces that were replaced with newer redesigned ones include the Beaver/Otter Nose & Large Rodent Nose.  We also finally did applications of the Beast Face, the Snake Face as well as the Lyonshel Dalmatian/Rabbit Face.

Foam Latex Grinch Face Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Beaver Otter Nose Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Large Rodent Nose Prosthetic Mask
 Foam Latex Beast Face Prosthetic MaskFoam Latex Snake Face Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Lyonshel Dalmatian Rabbit Prosthetic Mask
Next, we've completed several custom spandex hood based masks over the past year, below are examples of what we have created, each is linked to a specific gallery.

Foam Latex Bear Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Dog Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Donkey Prosthetic Mask
 Foam Latex Bird Prosthetic MaskFoam Latex Hawk Prosthetic Mask Foam Latex Rabbit Prosthetic Mask
Foam Latex Snake Prosthetic MaskFoam Latex Snow Leopard Prosthetic Mask
Last, we've completed an update to the application guide using our Beast Face prosthetic as a model.

Foam Latex Bear Prosthetic Mask

October 9th, 2011
Halloween is getting closer! There's still time to order, so don't delay to ensure delivery on time for the big day! We cannot guarantee Halloween delivery with Small Packet Surface, its 2-4 week delivery timeframe is too close.  Please use Small Packet Air or faster methods for shipping.
It's a new Cow/Bull Nose! It was modeled after photos of cows and can be painted in many different colors for any breed of bovine.  Also this nose is great for Minotaurs and demons. Click the link below to see more photos and videos.

Foam Latex Sheep Goat Nose Prosthetic Mask

September 26th, 2011
Halloween is slowly creeping up, there's still plenty of time to order, so don't delay to ensure delivery on time for the big day! We recommend avoiding using Small Packet Surface for shipping though as its 2-4 week delivery time may start cutting it close.
*A new nose appears!*
Well, it's another replacement to go along with the lizard nose. The previous version of the lizard nose was used also for sheep since it didn't have a scaled texture, but now that it does, we felt that we needed to make a piece specifically for sheep and goats. The Sheep/Goat Nose has a broad and flat bridge of the nose to emulate how big sheep's muzzles are.  It can be used for goats and satyrs as well! Click the link below to see more photos and videos.

Foam Latex Sheep Goat Nose Prosthetic Mask

September 16th, 2011
Halloween Info Update!

Halloween is coming up quickly, as always ordering early is the best way to ensure you'll receive your items in time, so beat the rush. As Halloween gets closer, we will also need to remind customers to choose appropriate shipping methods and we may need to send orders by quicker methods than what you've chosen.
Lastly, there is no longer any time to make custom sculptures. If you wanted a custom sculpted piece made for Halloween 2012, talk to us between November 2011 and July 2012. Otherwise please check out our extensive line of stock pieces in our shopping cart!

We now offer Wolfe FX makeup products!  Wolfe FX's Hydrocolor Makeup is an excellent makeup that has rich and vibrant colors and works great on your skin and on our latex prosthetics.  It's water based so clean-up is simple and there's a wide variety of colors and sizes to choose from. Click the link below to view the Wolfe FX section of our online store.

Wolfe FX Hydrocolor Makeup
Why the long face?  Another new prosthetic replacement piece is online.  Last winter our Medium Horse Muzzle molds were destroyed, well we've gotten a new replacement online, the Large Horse/Donkey Muzzle.  This new version is larger than the previous and the muzzle has a large slope to appear even bigger.  Click the link below to see more photos and videos.

Foam Latex Large Horse Donkey Muzzle Prosthetic Mask

August 29th, 2011
The next update in a series of new pieces is for 3 redesigned pieces which now have master molds. The Pig Nose, Cowardly Lion Face and Lizard Nose.  The new Pig Nose doesn't have as steep as a slope on the nose as the older version and covers more of the face.  The new Cowardly Lion Face is made to look more like the 1939 Wizard of Oz's Cowardly Lion.  The new Lizard Nose now has a scaled texture and looks far more reptilian than ever before.  Check out their respective pages below!

Foam Latex Pig Nose Prosthetic MaskFoam Latex Cowardly Lion Face Prosthetic MaskFoam Latex Lizard Nose Prosthetic Mask

August 16th, 2011
The second update in our series of many new pieces coming up, our new Bear Nose. When we redesigned our older Bear/Dog Nose we decided to split it into its two counterparts, Bear and Dog. So this is part two of that redesign. The Bear Nose is a large a blocky nose, it has a slight curl to its lip and the nose is flat. We modeled it after a Grizzly Bear.

Foam Latex Bear Nose Prosthetic Mask

August 15th, 2011
One of many new pieces coming up, we've redesigned our older Bear/Dog Nose into separate Bear and Dog Noses. So to start things off, here's the new Dog Nose. It is a little larger than the Wolf/Dog Nose and similar in size to the old Bear/Dog Nose.  It has a rounded shape and was modeled after a Golden Retriever.

Foam Latex Dog Nose Prosthetic Mask

July 9th, 2011
We've completed our first silicone mask!
This is a full head canine mask, painted as a blue husky. The gallery below has more photos of this mask.

Silicone Wolf Canine Husky Mask